Why Choose Strip Harvesting Surgery

Of the available hair loss solutions, surgical hair restoration is considered to be the most effective. Both strip harvesting surgery and follicular unit extraction are two hair replacement procedures that men and women can choose from. The method a patient and his doctor decide upon are based on a number of factors, including the degree of hair loss and the individual circumstances of each hair transplant patient. Regardless of the method selected, medical hair restoration provides a lasting and predictable option for hair loss.

Strip harvesting surgery is a common method used for removing hair follicles from a donor area. It, along with follicular unit extraction surgery, are gold standards in hair transplantation. It involves removing your follicular units (FU) from you donor site as a group rather than individually.

Benefits of Strip Harvesting Surgery

A strip harvesting hair transplantation procedure enables your follicular units to be extracted (or harvested) in tact in their original genetic form. The recipient area is natural in appearance, and it may have a lower cost than other hair transplantation methods.

How is Strip Harvesting Surgery Performed

First, the donor area must be trimmed. It is usually trimmed to be no longer than 10 mm in length. After the donor area is anesthetized, a special scalpel is used for removal of a “strip” of hair and scalp from the donor area. The strip of scalp and skin is removed from the back or sides of the head. Following the removal, the surgical site is stapled or sutured. This procedure is a traditional way of performing hair transplantation.

What to Expect from My Strip Harvesting Surgery Procedure?

It is important to know that strip harvesting leaves a “pencil thin” line type scar in your donor area. This small scar is typically covered by a patient’s hair, even when the patient’s keeps their hair at a  even at relatively short length. In other words, the patient is able to camouflage the scar. The donor area site is healed within two to three weeks.

Regardless of which hair transplantation method you choose, it is important that you select a surgeon who is well-trained, board-certified, and experienced in the techniques to perform your hair transplantation surgery.

Are you a candidate for the strip harvesting hair transplantation technique? Schedule a yconsultation with a hair transplantation specialist at Chuback Medical Group today.


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