A Vein Treatment Center in New Jersey Explains How Varicose Veins Can Affect Your Career

If you’re one of the millions of people who have been trying to “live with” your varicose veins without seeking treatment for them, at first the idea in the title of this article might seem absurd to you. “Sure,” you might say, “my varicose veins have affected the way I dress, and they affect my sense of self-worth and self-esteem every time I look in the mirror, but how could they be affecting my JOB? I just don’t get the connection.” In this article we’ll help you make that connection.

Varicose veins are only the surface symptoms of a very real disease

Yes, your varicose veins are unattractive, and you already know that can affect you psychologically. But it’s important to bear in mind that varicose veins are just symptoms of a deeper circulatory problem, one that affects more areas of your life. Most varicose veins are the result of a vein disease called chronic venous insufficiency (CVI), which causes not only the swelling and discoloration you see on the surface of the skin, but also a general impairment of the circulatory system.

Untreated CVI results in swollen legs and ankles that can very quickly become so painful that it becomes difficult to stand or walk for more than a few minutes. So if your job requires you to stand or move around a lot, naturally your very ability to do your job is going to be impacted by your varicose veins. CVI can also cause chronic feelings of weakness or tiredness – a kind of general fatigue. In some people, this fatigue can become so pronounced that it starts to affect their job attendance because they simply don’t have the energy to work.

Impaired circulation means an impaired immune system

Lack of energy is not the only side effect of varicose veins that can affect your work attendance. As NJ vein experts, we can assure you that the same CVI that is impairing your circulation is also depressing and impairing your immune system, putting you at risk of other, more serious conditions such as obesity, diabetes, stroke, and heart disease. It’s difficult to do your job properly if you’re fighting any of these diseases.

So how can I keep my varicose veins from affecting my health and my job?

If you have varicose veins and haven’t sought vein disease treatment in New Jersey yet, your first step should probably be to read some of the informative articles we’ve provided on our website at https://chubackmedical.com/veins/. In these articles we discuss the minimally-invasive treatments we provide, and how quickly and painlessly they can eliminate varicose veins permanently. Then just give our vein treatment center in New Jersey a call at 201-693-4847, and we’ll set up an appointment for an initial consultation in which we can explain the treatment options that would be best for you. The sooner you call, the sooner we can get rid of your varicose veins.

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