A Vein Treatment Center in New Jersey Answers the Question: “How Do I Know If I Have Varicose Veins?”

OK, we know that many of you, seeing the title of this article, are probably thinking to yourselves, “How do I know I have varicose veins? DUH…I just look in the mirror, and there they are. You can’t really miss them!”

Unfortunately, this answer doesn’t cover all the bases. First, not all varicose veins – especially during the early stages of vein disease – are close enough to the surface of your skin to be visible. Second, the disease that causes varicose veins can be present and doing extensive damage to your health long before it results in swollen, discolored varicose veins that you can see.

So how do I know for sure if I have varicose veins?

To know for sure whether you have varicose veins or not, you need to see a top vein doctor in Bergen County and have a venous health screening. Using the most advanced diagnostic tools available, Chuback Medical Group doctors can look beneath the surface of your skin and detect not only varicose veins you can’t see yet, but other vein diseases as well, some of which are far more dangerous.

The best part is these screening are fast, painless, and non-invasive

Modern vein disease treatment in NJ utilizes technologies such as Doppler ultrasound, which enables New Jersey vascular doctors to not only see your veins, but to actually visualize the blood as it flows through them. One disease that we can detect using this technology is called chronic venous insufficiency (CVI), which is the primary cause of varicose veins. CVI causes the one-way valves that control blood flow in your veins to become “leaky” and allows blood to flow backwards into your veins and pool there, causing the veins to swell and become discolored, as they take on the blue-purple color of deoxygenated blood. But using Doppler ultrasound, we can actually detect the presence of CVI before it has had the chance to cause your veins to become varicose.

This same non-invasive ultrasound can detect signs of a much more dangerous vein disease, deep vein thrombosis, or DVT, which rarely has any visible symptoms. This disease causes blood clots to form in the large veins of your legs. Even if they remained there, these blood clots impair your circulation and overall health, but the real danger is that they’ll start to move through the veins. If a blood clot travels to your lungs it can cause a pulmonary embolism. These conditions are potentially fatal, and in fact kill an estimated 300,000 Americans every year, most of whom never even knew they were ill.

All of this can be avoided by having a painless venous health screening that takes less than an hour to complete. So get proactive about your vein health by scheduling a screening today. Call our vein treatment center in NJ at 201-693-4847 to get the process started.

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