Conservative treatment is commonly prescribed as an initial approach to treating vein disease. This form of treatment focuses on lifestyle changes that help reduce symptoms, including pain and swelling. Patients are encouraged to manage their weight, exercise regularly, and wear compression stockings. While these steps are effective at managing symptoms, they do not address the underlying issue, which is poorly functioning veins that allow blood to pool rather than transporting it back to the heart. As such, conservative treatments are often a temporary measure, though it is very helpful for patients who are unable to undergo minimally invasive treatments. Many patients find that exercise is one of the best forms of medicine for vein and circulatory health.

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Vein Formula is a supplement created by a Board Certified vein specialist. It contains Diosmin and Hesperidin Bioflavonoids which help in the fight against chronic venous disease.

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The Chuback Medical Group has grown organically and naturally out of the The Chuback Vein Center.

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