Vascular Doctor in NJ: The Best Ways to Take Advantage of Vein Disease Treatments

While varicose veins and spider veins are clearly very common, vein disease treatments may seem like a bit of a mystery. You may have heard various treatments, such as sclerotherapy, microphlebectomy, or endovenous laser treatment, but how do they work, and how do you know what treatment is right for you?

What should Paramus, NJ residents know about the causes of vein disease?

To understand how treatments work, it helps to understand about the causes of vein disease. There are several main risk factors, some of which we have some control over and some of which are entirely out of our control. Among those we can’t change are aging and heredity: if you are over 50, or if you have a family history of vein disease, you are more likely to have it yourself. However, there are some factors we can affect, mostly related to lifestyle. Being overweight or obese, places extra stress on the circulatory system, as does living a sedentary lifestyle or spending lots of time on your feet. All of these factors contribute to a weakening of the vein walls and valves, which makes it harder for your veins to push the blood all the way up your body from your feet to your heart. The blood may pool in the veins, causing swollen legs and ankles, aching, and that oh-so-familiar sight: varicose veins.

How do varicose vein treatments work?

Varicose vein treatments work by either removing or shutting down the diseased vein permanently. Your body naturally reroutes the blood through healthier veins in the area, and gradually reabsorbs the old vein until it completely disappears. What’s particularly interesting about modern NJ vein disease treatment is that it is minimally invasive, this means that it is performed on an outpatient basis right in your Bergen County vein specialist’s office, with no need to visit a hospital or deal with lengthy recovery times.

How can I take advantage of vein disease treatment in NJ?

The best first step is to call our Paramus, NJ office for an initial consultation. Dr. John Chuback is known as one of the best vein doctors in NJ, and he and his team provide all vein treatment services from the initial diagnosis to treatment to follow-up. The initial venous health evaluation will include a personal medical history, family history, a visual examination, and a painless ultrasound examination to visualize the veins deep below the surface of the skin. After completion of the evaluation, Dr. Chuback will review the treatment options that are best for you. Your choice will depend on many factors, including the current location and extent of your venous disease, and may range from conservative options such as compression stockings to the minimally invasive treatments described above. Either way, we’ll be with you every step of the way until you are fully satisfied with both the look of your legs and your overall circulatory health.

We look forward to helping enjoy healthier, better looking legs by taking advantage of the latest minimally invasive vein disease treatments. Give our office a call at 201-693-4847 to learn more about what we can do for you.

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