How Does Ultrasound Work to See Inside My Legs?

Your legs have been feeling achy and cramped the past few weeks and you’ve noticed some suspiciously bulging veins, so you’ve decided to talk to a vascular doctor in NJ to learn more about what might be going on. Your doctor agrees with your suspicions: you may be suffering from venous disease. However, before moving on to treatment he recommends that you undergo an ultrasound screening to learn more. You may be curious what this test is all about and if it is safe to undergo. Read on to learn more about the ins and outs of ultrasound.

What role does ultrasound play in vein disease treatment in NJ?

Ultrasound is a non-invasive test used to create a picture of your bodily structures. When discussing this test many peoples’ minds jump to its usefulness in observing an unborn baby during pregnancy, but there are many other situations in which this technique proves invaluable, including diagnosing vein disease. During your ultrasound you can expect to have a small amount of warm gel applied to the area being observed. The technologist will then run a small, hand-held device over the observation area. An image will then be sent to a nearby screen, allowing you to see a detailed map of your blood vessels.

One of the biggest reasons that vascular doctors in NJ prefer to use ultrasound in their diagnosis is that it gives them the ability to ‘see’ inside a patients’ leg without being at all invasive. This is accomplished through the use of high frequency sound waves. These sound waves are emitted by the hand held device (called a transducer) that the technologist runs over your skin. Once emitted, the sound waves bounce off of bodily structures and return to the transducer, where they are translated into images. From these images your doctor can deduce why you are coming in saying ‘my legs hurt’ and guide you to an appropriate treatment.

Understandably, some patients are interested in learning more about the safety of ultrasounds before consenting to a screening. Ultrasounds are non invasive and perfectly safe. While they produce similar results as x-rays, they do not require the use of radiation, protecting patients from any potential complications other forms of testing may bring. Undergoing an ultrasound with one of the best vein doctors in NJ also ensures you have a comfortable experience.

Ultrasound screenings are a safe and effective method to learn more about the state of your veins. If you work with Dr. John Chuback, he may request a screening to help learn more about your condition. He or any other staff member at Chuback Medical Group would be happy to answer any questions or discuss any concerns you may have about this form of testing. For more information on ultrasound or any of the other types of screening we offer, please call our office at 201-693-4847.

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