The Holiday Makeover Essentials Timeline
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The Holiday Makeover Essentials Timeline

The holiday season is upon us and soon we will be racing around trying to fulfill all our obligations. I know this time of year can be extremely hectic and I didn’t want you to forget about the most important thing – YOU! To keep you on track with your makeover essentials, I put together a simple timeline of a few necessary items to ensure that you are looking and feeling your best this holiday season!

Chemical peel treatments in New Jersey are holiday makeover essentials

Week 1 – Dermaplane and Chemical Peel

We need to start with a really good exfoliation! Removing that top layer of dull, expired skin will smooth out texture and even out skin tone! Your holiday make-up will look flawless! I like to do this well ahead of time because exfoliation can often lead to redness, dryness and even a temporary breakout. You don’t want to be dealing with a blemish during your holiday festivities so its important to give the skin some time to recover before the big day.

Holiday makeover essentials include injectable fillers like Juvederm

Week 2 – Cosmetic Filler

Now is the time to take care of any volume loss that you may be concerned about. A little cheek augmentation will turn back the hands of time and give you that needed pick me up! And it’s a great time to plump those lips and get them mistletoe ready! With any filler, you will have to contend with a few days of swelling so giving yourself a few weeks before Christmas and New Years is definitely a good idea!

Botox treatments in Paramus, NJ are holiday makeover essentials

Week 3 – Botox

Break out the neurotoxin! Now that you’ve evened out skin tone and texture and added a little volume back to all the right places, it just makes sense to treat the remaining fine lines and wrinkles you see in the brow, forehead and around the eyes! Botox is a quick and easy treatment that will leave you looking completely refreshed. There will be absolutely no evidence of any holiday stress on that face! Neurotoxins take approximately 7 days to take effect so they will be working just in time for the festivities!

PRP facial or vampire facial treatments in Paramus, NJ are holiday makeover essentials

Week 4 – PRP Facial

Its time for the finishing touch with a PRP facial! This microneedling treatment combined with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) will hydrate the skin, soften lines, shrink pores, smooth texture and even out skin tone. A PRP facial will leave you with an amazing glow that even your in-laws will compliment you on! There is no downtime with this treatment so it can be performed just a few days before a big event or holiday party!

We are CoolSculpting Paramus!

Week 5 – Coolsculpting

Reality sets in! We enjoyed all the holiday parties and definitely overindulged with good food and refreshments! Now it’s time to make some New Year resolutions and start getting ready for the warmer months. Coolsculpting is the perfect option for all your body contouring needs. It will take approximately 3-6 months to see optimal results so there is no time to waste! Beach bodies are made in the winter!

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Surgical Fat Removal vs. Targeted CoolSculpting

I’m sure there are many of you out there that, despite your busy lives, are still getting out to the gym regularly and doing your best to eat a healthy diet.

Unfortunately, sometimes no matter what we do, there are still certain areas on our body that just cannot seem to tone.

It can be frustrating after all the work and effort we put in that we don’t see the results we hope for. Whether it’s still that bit of fat on the stomach or arms, or possibly a little more chin than we would like, we wish there was some miracle treatment that could target those particular areas without surgery.

Surgical Fat Removal

Fat removal through surgery has its pros and cons. Liposuction can quickly remove up to 11 pounds of fat in one session. For extreme cases, to quickly reach the desired look, surgical fat removal is the way to go.

There may be cases where fat may need to be extracted from one area of the body and injected into another like the Brazilian Butt Lift. For this case, surgery is required.

There are downtime and pain associated with surgical fat removal. The procedures themselves are generally invasive or minimally invasive depending on the desired results.

Compression garments are required for up to two months after surgery to prevent swelling in the treated area. Normal activity can commence after two or more weeks post-surgery.

Patients will also be required to take antibiotics for some time after surgery to prevent infection and possibly pain medication to maintain comfort during healing.

With downtime and discomfort being relative to the desired result, you can see why Liposuction and other surgical fat removal procedures may not be for everyone.

Non-Surgical Fat Removal…What is CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting | The non-surgical fat loss option

Cryolipolysis also referred to as CoolSculpting, is a treatment that freezes those stubborn pockets of fat. Your body is then able to metabolize and eliminate them permanently from your body.

CoolSculpting is an excellent option for those of us who are wanting to see the results without having to resort to the possible complications and recovery time of having surgical fat removal.

CoolSculpting has also been FDA-cleared to treat many parts of the body, such as under the chin and jawline, thighs, abdomen, flanks, inner and outer thighs, and the banana roll, the area under the buttocks.

The fat cells freeze at a higher temperature than the surrounding tissue, which prevents your skin or nerves from being damaged in any way.

CoolSculpting in New Jersey

The treatment is entirely non-surgical and non-invasive with each session lasting no more than an hour. Most people use this time to read, get a little work done on their laptop, or even catch a nap.

Few will momentarily feel some pressure and intense cold during the treatment, and others may temporarily feel mild discomfort or numbness in the treated area afterward.

Usually, full results are seen two months after the treatment with some seeing a difference as quickly as three weeks after. And, your body will continue to flush out fat cells for up to six months later.

The Targeted Transformation

The number of Coolsculpting treatments you may need depends on your desired results, but with each treatment being less than an hour and without requiring any recovery time, it’s easy to fit into a busy schedule.

During a consultation, our CoolSculpting professional helps patients assess areas of concern and their long-term body shaping goals. Those areas will be mapped out, and a treatment plan will be formed.

Considering CoolSculpting of the abdomen, there are various pockets of fat that surround the area. In most cases, you can see a diamond-shaped pattern when mapping this part of the body.

woman streaky belly

This plan would normally consist of four CoolSculpting cycles. Two or more sessions may be required to reach the desired look depending on the amount of subdermal fat in the area.

Once the area is cleared of the unwanted fat, and with continued diet and exercise, the targeted transformation can take place.


While surgery works in some cases, there is a non-invasive alternative to body contouring. If you are currently exercising, consuming proper nutrition, and looking to remove some unwanted fat in select areas of the body, CoolSculpting is “little black dress”-approved!

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CoolSculpting – Treatment to Transformation

We all have busy lives. Within that busy schedule, we make time for proper nutrition and exercise. We do our best and that’s what counts, but even our best is sometimes no match for stubborn pockets of fat that don’t go away, no matter what we do!

What if we could take less than an hour to target these areas of concern and let our bodies get rid of the fat – with literally no physical effort…

Through the non-invasive, non-surgical treatment of CoolSculpting, thousands of people have permanently removed unwanted fat from those areas of concern on their bodies.

CoolSculpting is a procedure that freezes fat cells for a period of 30-40 minutes, turning them from white fat cells into easy to burn brown fat cells. Brown fat cells are our bodies response to cold temperatures, and lucky for us are much easier to burn that white fat. These cells, regardless of being triggered by an icy treatment, melt away permanently from your body.

CoolSculpting in Paramus, NJ

For some, one treatment on let’s say the underarms is effective enough to see desired results, however, there are many who require a more extensive treatment plan consisting of more than one cycle in a targeted area over time.

Treat to Transform with CoolSculpting

Treatment to Transformation is our process of using more than one CoolSculpting treatment over a period of time (usually a couple of weeks) to shape the body and burn fat cells when there is a greater treatment area to work with.

You can have a complete body transformation, from arms to thighs, with the Treatment to Transformation program. Within a full treatment plan, we will discuss your areas of concern, map out a series of treatments and follow through shaping your body along the way.

We use Targeted Transformation to focus on one area at a time. These FDA-cleared areas of the body are isolated with four or more CoolSculpting cycles planned over a period of time. For example, Targeted Transformation on the abdomen could consist of four cycles along the upper and lower abdomen, two or more times (a total of 8 to 12 cycles).

Targeting a large area in that way assures that we are freezing away the fat, shaping that area of concern and really focusing on significant results.

And remember – results are permanent, however, you need to continue to eat healthier and stay active in order to prevent your body from building new fat cells. You’ve got this!

If you’re worried if the freezing technique used in CoolSculpting will damage your skin and tissues, especially when having more than one treatment scheduled, you can rest at ease. The lowest temperature a CoolSculpting machine will go in order to burn fat cells in the best range is just above the freezing mark. This specific temperature targets the fat without damaging the skin.

Stop covering up your areas of concern and start enjoying the way you look. This summer is the best time to come in for a consultation to discuss the best treatment for your body type.