Why You Shouldn’t Delay Vein Disease Treatment


Noticing spider or varicose veins on your legs may leave you feeling annoyed, but they may not fill you with a sense of urgency. Many patients assume that these (and other) symptoms of vein disease are purely a cosmetic concern and not a cause for prompt medical treatment. Unfortunately for such patients, delaying vein disease treatment in NJ can lead to a number of potentially serious complications. Dr. John Chuback recommends seeking out treatment as soon as possible after noticing vein disease symptoms: here’s why.

Why should patients avoid delay when it comes to vein disease treatment in NJ?

While bulging, discolored spider or varicose veins can be unsightly, they are also a sign that something is not quite right deeper beneath your skin. These issues occur in response to a breakdown in proper vein function. Normal functioning veins carry blood from the extremities and back to the heart efficiently. Diseased veins, however, may become ‘leaky,’ allowing blood to flow backwards and pool in the vessels. The pressure caused by this back flow can put stress on veins that are closer to the skin’s surface, leading to bulging varicose veins.

Varicosities are not the only issue that can be caused by abnormal blood flow in the legs. If not corrected promptly, impaired circulation may reduce the amount of nutrients that arrive at the skin on the legs and ankles. As a result, patients may begin to notice changes in skin color and texture. The skin may turn brown or start to display poorly healing wounds known as ulcers. Ulcers are unsightly, may be painful, and may not resolve themselves without treatment from a vein specialist in Bergen County.

Patients who delay vein treatment also put themselves at risk for blood clots. Sluggish blood flow creates an environment where blood is more likely to clot, leading to a higher likelihood of complications, including deep vein thrombosis. Deep vein thrombosis is particularly troubling due to its ability to cause a pulmonary embolism. Working with one of the best vein doctors in NJ can give patients access to treatments that will restore proper blood flow and help keep clotting at bay.

A common reason that patients put off seeking vein treatment is fear of what the treatment entails. Rest assured that modern vein treatment is safe, effective, and comfortable. Many spider & varicose veins doctors in NJ prefer to begin with conservative forms of treatment, which focus on lifestyle changes that lead to a healthier circulatory system. If these measures prove insufficient, a minimally invasive vein treatment may be recommended. These treatments do not require general anesthesia, large surgical incisions, or hospital stays, making them an easy choice for many patients who require care.

Prompt vein disease treatment can mean the difference between an issue that is easily managed and one that leads to a variety of uncomfortable and dangerous complications. At Chuback Medical Group it is our goal to create an individualized treatment plan that is especially suited for your particular situation. To learn more about how our vein center can help you avoid complications and live a healthier life, please contact our office at 201-693-4847.

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