NJ vein expertWeakness and pain in the legs can be caused by a number of issues. Sports injuries, sciatica, and even standing too long can all lead to discomfort. However, a common cause of painful or weak legs may come from a place you don’t expect: your veins. According to NJ vein expert Dr. John Chuback, leg pain and weakness may be a sign of potentially dangerous damage in your veins.

Why should New Jersey residents consult with a vein doctor if they have leg pain or weakness?

If your legs feel weak or painful, consider your health and lifestyle for clues as to what might be causing your discomfort. If you’ve recently had a fall or were on your legs for a significant amount of time, it is likely that these factors are the root of your pain. In this situation it is a good idea to check in with your primary care provider to learn more about your condition and how best to approach treatment. However, if there is no obvious cause to your discomfort it may be time to visit a vein treatment center in NJ, particularly if you have a history of vascular issues.

There are several reasons why vein disease may lead to discomfort and weakness in the legs. Swollen varicose veins can be physically uncomfortable, as can the leg and ankle swelling that sometimes accompanies them. Fortunately, these issues are not considered a medical emergency. While they may cause discomfort, with timely treatment there is little risk that they will impact your overall health.

Unfortunately, there is another cause of leg pain and weakness that poses a much more serious threat: deep vein thrombosis. Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) is a blood clot that is both difficult to detect and can cause massive damage to vital organs such as the heart, lungs, and brain. The reason DVT is often difficult to diagnose is it does not always have any symptoms. However, some people do have leg pain and weakness as a result of DVT, making detection possible in some cases.

Why is it so important to see a NJ vascular doctor if you believe you may have DVT? If left on its own the clot may break off of the vein wall and travel to other parts of the body. The clot, now called an embolus, may block blood flow to the brain, which puts you at risk for a stroke, or the lungs, which may lead to a pulmonary embolism. Both conditions are extremely destructive and potentially deadly, making DVT something you do not want to ignore.

Fortunately, with prompt detection there are treatments that can neutralize the threat. That’s why we encourage anyone suffering from leg pain and weakness to consult with Dr. Chuback, one of the top vein doctors in Bergen County. Whether your discomfort stems from varicose veins or another vein-related issue, Chuback Medical Group can help you feel more comfortable and keep you from suffering serious complications. We’d love to talk with you further about the impact that leg pain or weakness can have on your life. Give us a call at 201-693-4847 or go online to speak with a knowledgeable and compassionate member of our team.

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