Questions to Ask Your New Jersey Hair Restoration Surgeon

If you’re considering hair restoration, it pays to do your research. That means not only learn as much as you can about the various surgeries and other treatments available. It also means getting to know the surgeon who will be performing the treatment. To help you get to know your surgeon and to see if working with him will be a good fit, there are a number of questions it is worth asking.

What to Ask Your Hair Restoration Surgeon

Are You Board Certified?

It’s important to get a sense of your surgeon’s training and experience when it comes to hair loss surgery. Asking a surgeon if he’s board certified will give you an idea of amount of training he’s received after medical school and the degree of proficiency he’s been able to demonstrate. To earn board certification, a surgeon needs to successfully complete a multi-year residency, have a certain number of hours of experience, and pass rigorous examinations.

How Many Hair Loss Surgeries Have You Performed?

Practice makes perfect. Even if your surgeon is board certified, it’s worth finding out a bit more about his experience performing hair transplants after earning certification. Ask him how many surgeries he’s performed in total. It’s also worth asking how many surgeries he’s performed in the past month and the past year. The more frequently the surgeon performs hair loss surgery, the more familiar he’ll be with the procedure and the more refined his technique will be.

Is This the Best Treatment for Me?

You want a surgeon who will give you the honest scoop, so it’s worth asking if a hair transplant is really the best option for you. Depending on the type of hair loss you have and the extent of the hair loss, surgery might not be the best option for you at the present moment. It might be a good pick down the line, or you might be better off exploring other hair loss treatments, like laser therapy or medications.

What Happens If I Have Complications?

While you probably don’t want to think about the possibility of something going wrong, it’s important to know what your surgeon is able to do and what your options are should you experience any complications from surgery.

Can I Talk to Past Patients?

Talking to past patients gives you an idea of how satisfied people are with the results from their surgeries, as well as whether or not they’d recommend the surgeon. You might also want to ask to see before and after photos of past patients, so you can see how natural the results are.

Before you schedule a hair restoration treatment at Contemporary Hair Transplant in Paramus, NJ, it’s important to schedule a consultation with a surgeon. This your chance to ask any questions and to learn more about the procedures, the practice, and your surgeon. To book your consult, call 844-627-6310 today.

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