Smart Lipo


What is SmartLipo?

The Premier Body Shaping program at Chuback Medical Group uses the most advanced, state-of-the-art technology: The Smart LipoTriplexTM system. Smart Lipo is a laser-assisted lipolysis procedure that is minimally invasive and works by permanently destroying fat cells. Despite diet and exercise, some patients experience frustration with stubborn fat pockets that seem impossible to lose. Smart Lipo’s body contouring capabilities treat large and small areas with little to no down-time. Trouble spots like the abdomen, flanks, neck, thighs, and arms can all be reduced and contoured with this technology.

Smart Lipo is safe, effective, and supported by eight years of clinical studies. It is the preferred laser-assisted fat removal system among doctors because it does not pose the risks and complications usually associated with more invasive fat removal surgeries.

The Procedure

Through a cannula tube about the size of a pen tip, laser energy is delivered under the skin. Directly targeting the fat tissue, the energy causes rupture of fat cells and liquification of fat. Gentle suction removes the melted fat. In addition, use of the laser component stimulates collagen production in the skin which provides an added skin tightening effect! This greatly overcomes the dilemma of loose skin often found after traditional liposuction.

Also, compared to traditional liposuction, Smart Lipo is performed under local anesthesia, not general. This leads to a faster, easier recovery and gets patients back to their lives in no time.

Love How You Look!

  • Permanently destroy fat cells
  • Tighten Tissue
  • Contour in all the right places
  • Slide on those skinny jeans!

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