Coolsculpting of flanks | Chuback Medical Group


The CoolSculpting® procedure reduces stubborn fat safely and effectively, without surgery or downtime. This fat reduction treatment is the only FDA-cleared procedure to use controlled cooling to safely target and reduce diet and exercise-resistant fat. CoolSculpting® results are proven, noticeable, and lasting, so you’ll look and feel great from every angle. Freeze away fat? It comes down to science. Fat cells freeze at higher temperatures than surrounding tissues.

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SmartLipo of flanks | Chuback Medical Group


SmartLipo is a way to shape your body so that you like the way you truly desire. Liposuction is a minimally invasive technique for body contouring where fat is actually removed from problem areas. SmartLipo is an amazing technology that makes liposuction better than ever.SmartLipo is different from older forms of liposuction because it uses laser lipolysis. Lipolysis is the melting of fat. When fat is melted into liquid, it is much easier to remove from the body. We target trouble spots like your abdomen, flanks, back, thighs, and arms.

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