Patient Testimonial

Dear Dr. Chuback,
I just wanted to tell you how impressed I am with Kristen Socha. Besides being a beautiful,sweet, wonderful, compassionate person, she is a professional, par excellence.
I went for three different consultations for restylane injections. One was to an oral surgeon, one to a dermatologist and one to a plastic surgeon. They each took approximately 5 minutes with me. I was not feeling very confident about going to any of them. Then I saw your ad about Kristen in 201 Magazine and I decided to consult with her. She spent about 30- 45 minutes with me answering all my questions and treating me with the utmost of respect and understanding. I felt so comfortable with her that I decided to make an appointment.
I came to the office yesterday and was starting to get cold feet, ready to chicken out. Kristen took me into the office and again talked me through the whole thing and said ” Look you don’t have to do this today. I am here. You can come back another time.”
But I planned the injections around my vacation from teaching so it was now or not for a long time.
I took the plunge and am so happy I did. Kristen was gentle and kind, supportive and encouraging. She even saw me again today just to check out some spots I was concerned about.
Not only am I happy with the results, but I am also so happy that I have found Kristen. I trust her to take good care of me.
She is definitely a wonderful asset to your office.

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