Androgenetic alopecia, otherwise known as male pattern baldness, affects both men and women. Some individuals will have a single bald spot at the crown of their heads; whereas, others will notice that their hairline is gradually receding. One of the most common thinning patterns is frequently referred to as the ‘widow’s peak.’ A widow’s peak is a V-shaped hairline that involves a quicker loss of the hair near the temples than at the top of the forehead. However, the amount of hair lost and how quickly the hair thins will vary. Nevertheless, a widow’s peak is not always the result of hair loss, for individuals who inherit the V-shaped hairline trait, this receded location is where their normal hairline begins. At Contemporary Hair Transplant in Paramus, New Jersey hair restoration procedures are performed to address receding hairlines, widow’s peaks and bald spots.

Surgical and Nonsurgical Hair Restoration Procedures Available in New Jersey

When a widow’s peak occurs due to male pattern baldness, a variety of surgical and nonsurgical treatments are effective. However, if a widow’s peak is not the result of hair loss, there are no hair follicles in the areas where the hair is missing. Thus, the nonsurgical methods used to stimulate the hair follicles are not feasible options: Therefore, hair follicles must be transplanted into these areas.

Hair Loss Treatment for Thinning Hair Causing a Widow’s Peak

Individuals who are experiencing hair loss near their temples have a variety of treatment options available to them.

Options include:

  • Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) – hair follicles are carefully extracted and then transplanted in areas where hair has thinned-out or is completely missing.
  • Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy – blood is drawn, centrifuged and then the plasma, which is full of growth factors, is injected into the scalp to encourage hair growth.
  • Strip Harvesting – a thin strip of tissue (usually 2mm or less) containing hair follicles is removed and then individual follicles are carefully removed and transplanted into the areas of the scalp where the hair has thinned or fallen out completely.
  • Capillus Laser Cap® – this innovative, FDA-approved laser therapy cap encourages hair growth by stimulating the follicles in the scalp.

Treatments Available to Address an Inherited Widow’s Peak

Individuals who would like to change the appearance of their natural, inherited V-shaped hairline, can choose to have hair follicles from other parts of their scalp transplanted in the areas where hair follicles do not exist.

Options include:

  • Strip Harvesting
  • Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

If you have a widow’s peak or a receding hairline that is causing you to feel insecure, consider a New Jersey hair restoration procedure.  Contemporary Hair Transplant in Paramus, New Jersey, is a state-of-the-art facility with experienced and caring medical professionals who are dedicated to helping individuals attain the full head of hair they desire. If you want to learn more about the various hair treatments available, please contact us today at 844-261-7020 to schedule your initial consultation, or, if you prefer, you can use our online form by clicking here.

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