Dr. John A Chuback

Medical Director – John A. Chuback, M.D., RPVI, RPhS, FACS, FICS, FACC, FCCP

The Chuback Medical Group has grown organically and naturally out of The Chuback Vein Center. We have been providing the highest standard of Vein Care for many years, and as we have become the area’s leader in the comprehensive treatment of venous problems, we have come to understand the logical connection of this field to several other related areas of modern medicine.

Obviously, we all know that obesity has grown to epidemic proportions in the United States. What we have come to realize at The Chuback Vein Center is that many of our patients suffer from both obesity and venous insufficiency. We have identified and treated many with vascular disease of all types including arterial disease of the carotid arteries, aorta, renal arteries and upper and lower extremities. Many patients with venous disease and those with obesity have numerous risk factors for arterial disease including hypertension, diabetes, hypercholesterolemia, dyslipidemia, smoking and family history.

The development and growth of The Chuback Vascular Laboratory, a Doppler ultrasound-based diagnostic center using the most advanced technology, has lead to the early diagnosis and treatment of many patients suffering from major arterial disease. Arterial disease can lead to stroke, heart attack, kidney failure, hypertension, limb loss and aneurysm formation, as well as other serious illnesses.

Dr. Jaime Bastidas is our Director of our Plastic Surgical Division and heads up our Premier Body Shaping program. He specializes in both invasive an non-invasive procedures to contour the body, remove fat, and restore a youthful appearance. Dr. Bastidas is also our expert in hair growth and hair transplantation procedures that we provide for patients through our Contemporary Hair Transplant program.

We also found that through treating many patients with venous disease, particularly with spider veins, we were seeing a large number of women who were committed to looking and feeling their best. Over the years, many of these patients suggested that we offer other cosmetic procedures in addition to cosmetic spider vein treatment. We treat hundreds of patients a year with sclerotherapy and surface laser therapy. I personally had no time to take on this additional clinical workload.

So again I undertook a lengthy and exhaustive search for the perfect clinician to fill this role in the center. This resulted in identifying Kristen Socha, M.S., PA-C. She is a Board Certified physician’s assistant who has been specializing in cosmetic medicine and particularly anti-aging injections with products such as Radiesse, Botox, Juvederm, Dysport, and Restylane. Since joining us, we have had truly incredible results in our patients seeking to look and feel younger. The addition of Ultimate Aesthetics at the Chuback Medical Group has been very rewarding and fulfilling as we see so many patients take on an entirely new sense of self-confidence post-treatment.

We invite you to become a patient here at the Chubcak Medical Group. Find the area of expertise which interests you, and come in for a consultation to see how we can help you achieve your personal health care goals.