Many thanks to Dr. Chuback and his staff.

Many thanks to Dr. Chuback and his staff for the kindness and efficient care they provided me on my recent visit to the Chuback Vein Center.

I have suffered from a skin condition called hyperhidrosis, which had been affecting the palms of my hands since the age of eighteen. During that time I always felt self-conscious, especially when meeting new people and having to shake hands.

My previous doctor recommended that I receive botox injections to alleviate the symptoms, so I tried that. With no local anesthesia, the procedure was extremely painful and my doctor provided limited information during and after the treatment. I was completely turned off from the treatment because my first experience was so uncomfortable.

However, I decided to give it another try. At the Chuback Vein Center, I was greeted with empathy and concern for my condition.

Prior to the procedure, the staff explained to me exactly what would be happening and why the treatment would be beneficial. Before the procedure, my hands were carefully examined to determine where the injections would be most needed, and during the treatment, I was given anesthetic cream that reduced the pain of the injections.

Once the procedure was over, I experienced minimal bruising and by the 4th day, my hands had stopped sweating. I could not be more pleased with the outcome of the treatment and I am very grateful to Dr. Chuback and his staff. I would highly recommend the Chuback Vein Center.

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