“My Legs Hurt!” – What did your mother tell you About Varicose Veins?

Many people often turn to their mothers first when they need to talk about their health issues. After listening to you exclaim “my legs hurt!” she likely had some words of wisdom on how best to deal with varicose veins. While we would never suggest that your mother doesn’t know best, it may be prudent to take what she tells you with a grain of salt. Although she likely doesn’t realize it, like many other people, your mother may be misinformed about varicose veins.

What are some common misconceptions about varicose veins that Bergen County residents should know about?

Although she may not want to admit it, your mother may be one reason you are experiencing varicose veins. While she may try to convince you that the only way they could occur is through lifestyle choices (“have you been crossing your legs when you sit?”), genetics is one of the most common risk factors for vein disease. Therefore, if your mother had varicose veins or spider veins, you are much more likely to have them yourself. That is not to say that your lifestyle doesn’t have an impact. Being overweight or obese, living a sedentary lifestyle, or working in an occupation with consistent standing or sitting can all increase your risk of vein disease.

If your mother suffered from varicose veins, you might have noticed that her wardrobe quickly started to focus on long pants. Rather than seeking out vein disease treatment in NJ, you mother may simply have said that her varicose veins were simply a cosmetic issue and not worth worrying about. Unfortunately, she was not telling you the whole truth. While varicose veins are considered by many to be unsightly, they can also pose health risks. These veins are caused by abnormal blood flow in vessels deep inside the leg. This sluggish flow may put you at risk for complications, including potentially dangerous issues such as deep vein thrombosis. Fortunately, with help from a vein specialist in Bergen County (such as Dr. John Chuback) you can alleviate the risk and enjoy healthier, better looking legs.

Finally, your mother might encourage you to take as much time off your feet as possible when suffering from varicose veins. While putting your feet up might make you less likely to say “my legs hurt,” it also keeps you from the significant benefits of exercise. Regular exercise helps to encourage efficient blood flow, which may help reduce your varicose vein symptoms. It is also a great way to manage weight, further reducing your risk for more varicose veins.
No matter what your mother may have unwittingly told you about varicose veins, working with a spider & varicose veins doctor in NJ can help. Vein doctors can diagnose the underlying problem that is causing your varicosities, allowing you to access treatments that will leave you looking and feeling better. Chuback Medical Group is able to provide the treatments you need to stay healthy. For more information on who we are and how we can help, give our office a call at 201-693-4847.

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