Chuback Medical Group Paramus, NJ Oct. 2, 2012: The Chuback Medical Group is proud to announce that Kristen Socha, CMG’s Clinical Specialist in Cosmetic Medicine, has earned her advanced credentials to become a Registered Phlebology Sonographer (RPhS).

The RPhS certification signifies that Kristen Socha has achieved advanced qualifications related to vascular ultrasound technology— which is a critical part of vascular surgery. With RPhS certification, Kristen Socha is deemed a leader in ultrasonography studies, with the advanced skills and knowledge needed to make sound diagnoses in vascular disease.

“As a practitioner, I am always continuing my medical education to maintain my skills and keep current with existing medical practices. I am proud to say that I recently became a Registered Phlebology Sonographer, which provides me with the advanced qualifications to perform and interpret venous ultrasonography studies. Obtaining the RPhS certification was essential for me to continue to provide exceptional patient care in the area of venous disease,” says Socha.

The RPhS designation and certification process was developed to recognize physicians and technologists in vascular medicine who have special skills performing venous examination. In order for Kristen Socha to earn the valued RPhS certification, she first had to meet specific educational and professional requirements. She then had to document training and experience performing venous examinations. After she completed her training, she passed her certification examination from the Cardiac Credentialing International (CCI).

“I am extremely proud of Ms. Socha’s most recent accomplishment and new credential. She is an extremely talented practitioner who has impacted many patient’s lives in the areas of medical weight loss, cosmetic medicine, and varicose vein care. I continue to support her passion for being the best clinician that she can be. And, this is always equated with higher education, advanced training, and recognized certifications,” said Medical Director Dr. John Chuback. The exam takes four hours to complete and contains 200 questions covering current vascular laboratory practice, diagnostic knowledge, and clinical skills.

Having a certified RPhS on staff at Chuback Medical Group is a valuable addition for both the center and the patients it serves. It is also a compliment to the fact that, at CMG, only Registered Phlebology Sonographers perform vascular sonography examinations.

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