How to Find a Qualified Vein Specialist

Leading vein doctor Dr. John Chuback of the Chuback Medical Group knows that searching for a qualified vein specialist can be a daunting task. There are so many centers and so many physicians to choose from – how do you know who is really qualified to help you treat your vein problems effectively?

Qualifications of vein specialists you can trust

Your vein doctor should be a specialist who is committed to the field of vein disease. This means that they dedicate their practice exclusively to vein disorders and vein treatments, every day, rather than sharing their practice with other specialties. A qualified vein specialist has education and training in the fields of phlebology and vein disease, and will be board certified.

Dr. Chuback completed extensive education and training in cardiovascular surgery and phlebology, and he is triple board-certified in General Surgery, Cardiovascular Surgery, and Phlebology. Dr. Chuback is a pioneer in endovenous laser treatment, the most modern vein disease treatment available, and he serves as a speaker and teacher of other physicians in this minimally invasive and highly effective technique.

Characteristics of the best vein care centers

Vein care centers you can trust to offer you the most effective vein treatments will provide a range of services including venous screenings, conservative strategies to prevent bulging vein problems, varicose vein treatments, spider vein treatments, and follow-up care, all in one convenient location. These days, there is no need to go to a hospital for vein treatments, or to have general anesthetics or extensive recovery times. At Chuback Medical Group in Paramus, New Jersey, all our vein procedures require only local anesthetics and you should be back at your usual activities quickly; usually the very next day.

Be sure to ask your vein doctor if their center offers the latest in vein treatments, such as endovenous laser treatment (EVLT) by a laser expert. These treatments have replaced most of the older, more invasive treatments that were more painful and had lengthy recovery times.

A personal touch

Finally, you should feel comfortable that your vein specialist cares about treating you as a person, and not just your veins. The best vein specialists take time to get to know their patients and understand both their health concerns and their aesthetic concerns. They should be willing to discuss the cost of spider vein treatment or other therapies, as well as whether insurance will cover screenings and treatments. At Chuback Medical Group, our staff is chosen not only for their medical qualifications and experience, but also for their history in providing compassionate care that makes patients feel comfortable.

Don't take chances with your vein health by choosing a specialist without asking questions first. Check out their qualifications, ask other patients, and set up an initial consultation to get to know each other. If you are in the Paramus, New Jersey area, call Dr. John Chuback at 201.430.2737 and make an appointment. This is the first step in choosing a vein specialist that will meet your needs and ensure a successful restoration of the health and beauty of your legs.

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