Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Injection Treatment

With Platelet Rich Plasma Injection treatments, PRP, we use your body’s natural resources to stimulate hair growth. Clinical research proves that this newer non-surgical method of managing hair loss is simple, cost-effective and provides a high-level of patient satisfaction. PRP injections are common treatments for sports injuries, to promote post-surgical healing and relieve the pain of knee arthritis, and now it is also a practical choice for hair growth stimulation. If you are looking for a safe and less invasive way to encourage hair growth, then you need to learn more about PRP.

What is PRP?

With PRP, we draw a small amount of blood from the patient right in our Paramus, NJ office. Our technicians spin this blood using an onsite centrifuge to separate out concentrated platelet-rich plasma. This PRP offers three to five times more platelets than normal blood. It also contains key growth factors such as:

  • Platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF)
  • Vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF)
  • Transforming growth factor (TGF)
  • Bioactive proteins

Growth factors help facilitate wound healing and may work to treat male and female pattern hair loss. Theoretically, the introduction of PRP would amplify the body’s natural healing and stimulate growth.

We then inject this highly concentrated PRP solution complete with the platelets and growth factors back into the patient’s scalp to help repair hair follicles and revitalize growth.

What are the Benefits of PRP Treatments?

PRP offers a progressive and non-surgical means to promote hair growth. This technique is widely used in the medical community to encourage healing. There is a diverse range of treatment options, as well. PRP is available preoperatively, intraoperatively and postoperatively or for use instead of surgery. Since this method relies solely on the patient’s own blood supply, so there is no chance of disease transmission or rejection.

The actual results vary by patient but clinical research is very promising. Some studies do indicate that patients respond well to this therapy. It requires a limited number of treatments, but it may take up to a year to see significant results. You might notice some changes after just a few months, though. The growth tends to be faster in women, as well.

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Who is a Candidate for PRP Treatments?

This treatment option is a promising choice for individuals that are not good candidates for surgical transplant and those who that have had a recent hair transplant or are in line to get one. PRP treatments are available separately or as part of a comprehensive care plan that includes hair transplantation procedures such as FUE and Strip Harvesting. The combination of treatments offers an increased level of success.

Your overall health is a factor in this treatment, as well. Patients with a history of heavy smoking, drug or alcohol use may not qualify. Certain medical conditions may also limit a patient’s participation such as:

  • Platelet dysfunction syndrome
  • Thrombocytopenia
  • Hemodynamic instability
  • Chronic liver disease
  • Chronic infections

If you take an anticoagulant drug, this procedure may be unsafe for you.

Is PRP Therapy Safe?

The risk involved with PRP treatment is minimal in a healthy individual. The staff uses your own blood platelets, so there is no risk of rejection or transmission of disease. The procedure is relatively painless. There is a mild pinch as the blood is drawn. You may also feel some discomfort from the injections and have mild irritation.

There are few downsides to PRP treatments for hair restoration. It is a safe and efficient means to stimulate and heal hair follicles to promote growth. If you are not a candidate for surgery or are looking for ways to supplement it, give us a call for more information about PRP.

PRP Therapy can thicken your hair and improve density.
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