Get a New Head of Hair With Strip Harvesting

Strip harvesting surgery is one of two popular methods for hair transplants. It allows you to fill in those bald spots on your head, especially hair loss as a result of male pattern baldness. Strip harvesting is an ideal hair restoration option for candidates with large treatment areas. Continue reading to find out more about this procedure.


Advantages of Strip Harvesting

There are a wide range of advantages to choosing this method. With the strip technique, you will benefit from:

  • having a natural result.
  • more hair replaced in the same session.
  • a short procedure session.
  • a recovery that is relatively short.

This means the procedure itself won’t last as long as it does for other hair transplantation options, such as follicular unit extraction surgery.  In addition, today’s modern closure techniques mean that tissue damage and scarring is minimized during the healing process. In some cases, your hair grows right through the scar, providing a natural appearance.

Since strip method of harvesting grafts is one of the oldest hair transplantation methods, it has stood the test of time.

How Strip Harvesting Surgery is Performed

This procedure is performed by first giving you a sedative so the area is numbed, then placing you on a table face-down. You will then have the donor area, where the hair is being removed, prepped. A strip of hair is removed from this section of your head, which should take no more than 20 minutes in most cases. Some of the skin is also removed, though only a small amount. There is a suture used afterward, then you return to have the hair transplanted into the area where you are thinning.


The Recovery Process from Strip Harvesting

Since you will have some tenderness, you should take it easy for a few days by avoiding strenuous exercise or activities after the procedure, though you can resume normal activities the following day.  The procedure involves stitches or scalping. You’ll be instructed to keep an eye on the scabbing and suture area and be very gentle with that part of your head during the healing process. The full effect of this hair loss treatment may take 12 to 18 months, and the results should be natural looking and permanent.

As you can see, there are many reasons to consider the strip harvesting procedure. Give us a call at 844-261-7020 at Contemporary Hair Transplant (a division of Chuback Medical Group) in Paramus, NJ to speak with one of our hair transplantation doctors: Dr. Jaime A. Bastidas MD and Dr. John A. Chuback, MD. We look forward to your call.

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