A Bergen County Vein Specialist Discusses 5 Things You Don’t Want to Hear About Varicose Veins…but Should.

If you’ve had varicose veins for a while but have been putting off seeking treatment for them, this is what you’d really like to hear from a Bergen County vein specialist: “Everything’s fine…your varicose veins aren’t really a disease, and if you just ignore them they’ll go away on their own.”

Unfortunately, no reputable vein specialist would tell you this, because it’s NOT TRUE. Varicose veins are indicators of venous disease, a disease that will only get worse if you ignore it and fail to treat it.

Here’s what you really should hear, even if you don’t want to

1. Varicose veins are only the visible symptoms of a much more serious problem with your circulatory system. More often than not, the swollen and discolored veins we call “varicose” are caused by a deeper disorder called chronic venous insufficiency. When you have CVI, the tiny, one-way valves that control the flow of blood from your veins back to your heart and lungs begin to fail, and become “leaky.” Instead of closing after blood is pumped through them, they remain open, causing the de-oxygenated blood to flow “backwards” into the veins and pool up there, and causing them to become swollen and discolored. But CVI is not just about swollen veins; it’s a condition that indicates a larger circulatory system failure that can impair your health and lead to much more serious conditions.

2. For example, your varicose veins can cause your legs to become so chronically tired and weak that you have difficulty standing. You can develop swollen legs and ankles that are so painful that you become unable to walk at all. This fact alone should get your attention if you have varicose veins, because several medical studies have proven that the more difficult it is for you to walk comfortably, the shorter your lifespan is likely to be.

3. When you leave your varicose veins untreated, they aren’t going to get better – they’ll get worse because your impaired blood flow does not allow the skin cells of your legs to get the nutrients they need. This can cause skin tissue on your legs, ankles and feet to break down and develop into skin ulcers – open, bleeding sores along the veins that are extremely painful and that do not heal with normal topical treatment.

4. Varicose veins increase your risk of developing a much more serious venous condition, deep vein thrombosis, or DVT. DVT is dangerous because it “hides” beneath the surface of the skin in the larger, deeper veins of your legs, where it causes blood clots to form. This would be dangerous on its own because of impaired blood flow, but it becomes much more dangerous if the blood clots travel through the veins to the lungs and brain and cause a pulmonary embolism or a stroke. These conditions kill over 300,000 Americans a year.

5. Finally, having varicose veins increases your risk of developing other chronic diseases, weakening your overall immune system and increasing your risk of becoming obese and of developing diabetes, heart disease, and stroke.

Now that you know the truth about varicose veins, do something about them

Don’t stay up at night worrying about these 5 unpleasant truths about varicose veins. Instead, make a simple phone call to Dr. John Chuback and find out how easily your varicose veins can be eliminated forever. You’ve already heard the “bad news” about varicose veins; now give us a call at 201-693-4847 and allow us to tell you the “good news” about modern vein disease treatment in NJ. Find out why Dr. Chuback is considered one of the best vein doctors in NJ, and how quickly he can help you make your varicose veins a thing of the past.

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