Amazing Vein Treatment Outcomes from a Top Varicose Vein Removal Expert in New Jersey

When we are asked to talk about the amazing outcomes that patients have experienced as a result of their vein disease treatment in New Jersey, it’s tempting to focus on symptoms. After all, vein disease symptoms range from tiny spider veins to rope-sized varicose veins to blood clots that have the potential to cause a pulmonary embolism, and none of these symptoms are pleasant. So of course, a significant measure of an “amazing outcome” would be how effectively these symptoms were managed or eliminated. But that’s not the only measure.

“Amazing outcome stories” only START with “My symptoms went away”

Many of our patients at Chuback Medical Group came to us originally because they hated what varicose veins had done to the appearance of their legs. So for these people, simply having these veins removed permanently is a pretty amazing outcome. But within weeks, as the last traces of their swollen veins disappear and their legs regain their normal appearance, these patients often experience other positive outcomes that they hadn’t really expected to occur.

For example, imagine being a person whose morning “fashion choice” decision for months or even years has been choosing whether to wear long pants or dark stockings to hide your legs. Imagine having spent just as long making excuses to your friends and family about why you can’t join them on trips to the beach or accept their invitation to play sports – not just because these activities would reveal your legs, but also because your legs ache all the time and you don’t have the energy to swim or play sports. Now imagine all of those concerns just going away, as the varicose veins fade and your energy returns.

A supportive environment during treatment is another amazing outcome

Many patients at our vein treatment center in NJ, after all, put off seeking treatment for years because they were afraid that it would be painful or traumatic or require too much of their time, both for the treatments themselves and to recover from them. So imagine their surprise when they find that our minimally-invasive treatments can be performed in about an hour in the comfort of their doctor’s offices, and are so gentle and painless that they require minimal anesthetic and minimal “recovery time.” For many patients, discovering this is an amazing outcome in itself, one made even more amazing because Dr. Chuback’s credo is to provide a supportive environment that makes each patient feel like a person, not a number. An “amazing outcome” sometimes comes from discovering that the goal of treatment is to substantially improve the patients’ overall quality of life – physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Some vein treatment outcomes are amazing because they save lives

Often when we examine patients who sought help for their varicose veins, we find that they are the least of their problems. Ultrasound analysis reveals that they are suffering from deep vein thrombosis (DVT), and that blood clots have begun to form in the deep veins of their legs. Our trained NJ vascular doctors can easily treat these blood clots before they cause a pulmonary embolism, which can be fatal. Now that’s really an amazing outcome.

So if you have been putting off seeking treatment from a varicose vein removal expert in NJ, please allow some of these “amazing outcome stories” to inspire you to reconsider. Pick up your phone and give us a call today at 201-693-4847 to get your amazing outcome story started.

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