After Your Vein Treatment: Recovery and Results

After a consultation with Dr. John Chuback at the Chuback Medical Group in Paramus, New Jersey, many patients have a good understanding of their vein health and any varicose vein treatments or spider vein treatments they may need. However, some patients still have questions about what to expect after a vein treatment procedure, in terms of both recovery and results.


Vein treatment recovery


Modern vein disease treatments have come a long way from the “old days”. In the past, the main treatments to get rid of varicose veins required some form of surgery, and patients used to have to go to a hospital for treatment by a varicose vein doctor or spider vein doctor. The procedures used were often invasive and required general anesthetics. Recovery could be extensive and somewhat painful, and the results weren’t as reliable as they are today.


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You can usually return to your usual activities the same day or at most, the next day.

However, all that has changed. Reputable varicose vein centers and spider vein centers such as the Chuback Medical Group in Paramus, NJ are highly equipped and offer all the latest vein treatments on-site, including microphlebectomy, sclerotherapy (both laser and surface techniques), and endovenous laser treatment (EVLT treatment) by a laser expert. All therapies are performed on an outpatient basis and with no need for general anesthetics. The procedures last about an hour and are minimally invasive, which means little to no scarring and a very quick recovery time. You can usually return to your usual activities the same day or at most, the next day.


Vein treatment results


The results you will experience after your vein treatment may vary based on the type of spider veins or bulging vein problems you have. Dr. Chuback, a leading vein doctor, will recommend the best treatment for your particular vein problem. As described earlier, all procedures are minimally invasive and will involve little scarring and a short recovery time. However, some treatments have good results after one session, and others often require multiple sessions to eliminate more extensive vein disease. The results from all of our treatments are generally permanent, but new varicose veins and spider veins can develop, especially if you are prone to developing them. People at increased risk of future vein problems include those who are obese or overweight, those who have a family history of vein disease, and those who must spend long periods of time on their feet.


If you have any questions about vein disease treatment, recovery or results, or about more serious conditions such as deep vein thrombosis, please call leading vein specialist Dr. Chuback a call at 201.430.2737 for a consultation. We offer a complete venous health screening and we will take the time to get to know both your aesthetic and your health concerns. In this way we can ensure that you get the best treatment for your particular condition, and that the recovery is as smooth as possible. We look forward to meeting you.

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