A NJ Vein Disease Treatment Specialist Explains Why Swollen Legs and Ankles Can Hold You Back in Life

NJ Vein Disease Treatment and Leg & Ankle Swelling
NJ Vein Disease Treatment and Leg & Ankle Swelling

No one likes swollen legs and ankles. They leave you feeling tired, uncomfortable, and unattractive. Unfortunately, for many of our patients they are also a sign that serious issues are occurring beneath the skin. Swollen legs and ankles are a common symptom of vein disease, a condition that without prompt NJ vein disease treatment can really hold you back in life.

How do swollen legs and ankles impact NJ residents?

How do you feel after a long day on your feet? “Tired,” “achy,” and “cranky,” are words that often come to mind. Now add a pair of swollen legs and ankles to the mix. Instead of just feeling tired, you feel as though you never want to move your feet again. Instead of feeling achy, you feel extremely uncomfortable. Instead of feeling cranky, you feel annoyed and fed up with everyone you come across. This escalation of negative emotions is why swollen legs and ankles can have a huge impact on your life.

When swelling leaves you tired and in pain, it is very difficult to enjoy your life. Instead of going out with friends or engaging in physical activities, all you can bring yourself to do is lie on the couch and put your feet up. Not only can this become isolating, it also deprives your body of the regular activity it needs to function properly. You might find yourself gaining weight, losing your cardiovascular fitness, and starting to feel a lack of self-confidence. These emotional symptoms can affect your performance at work, as well as impact your relationships.

The physical cost of vein disease

Persistent leg and ankle swelling can be a symptom of vein disease. Consulting with a NJ vein expert can help you know for sure. If your swelling is caused by an issue in your veins, you can expect that other symptoms are soon to follow. Vein disease causes spider and varicose veins and can put you at risk for serious complications. If left untreated, you might find yourself suffering from permanent skin changes, painful ulcers, and even a dangerous type of blood clot known as deep vein thrombosis. DVT is associated with pulmonary embolisms, an emergency medical condition that can be fatal.

Take control of your life

Have swollen legs and ankles been holding you back in your relationships, your career, or your ability to live your life the way you’d like? If so, you have options. Consulting with a NJ vascular doctor gives you access to expert diagnosis, advice, and treatment. Today’s minimally invasive vein treatments improve both your aesthetics and your circulation, eliminating the underlying problem that causes persistent swelling. These treatments are fast, effective, and virtually pain-free, allowing you to enjoy more comfortable legs in as little as an hour.

There is no doubt that leg and ankle swelling can hold you back from getting what you want out of life, but with the help of a NJ varicose vein removal expert you can fight back. If you are tired of living with the discouragement of swollen legs and ankles, reach out to us at Chuback Medical Group by calling 201-693-4847. We’d love to speak with you further about how you can enjoy a life free of leg and ankle swelling.

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