A New Jersey Vein Expert Publishes an Article That Answers the Question: “Are There Systemic Side Effects Following Vein Treatment?”

December 26th, 2015. Paramus, NJ. Chuback Medical Group announces the publication of a new article that answers a question patients often ask: “Are there systemic side effects following vein treatment?” According to the NJ vein experts in this practice, this is a good question to ask, because, after all, so many drugs and surgeries these days do have side effects that people should know about.

But according to Dr. John Chuback, medical director of this prestigious vein treatment center in New Jersey, the minimally-invasive nature of the treatments they offer mean that there are almost no negative side effects or complications that could occur as the result of treatment. “There are no risks of infection because we don’t make large incisions, and there is no risk from general anesthesia because the procedures are so painless we don’t need anesthesia. There is no need for long ‘recovery times’ because there is nothing to recover from.”

Instead, the New Jersey vein expert prefers to call the side effects of modern vein treatment “benefits.” In his article he lists a number of these benefits, ranging from improved appearance and higher energy levels to improved psychology and self-esteem, not to mention a much reduced risk of developing other diseases.

The vein treatment center in New Jersey hopes that the information it presents in this new article will help people to realize that modern varicose vein treatment options aren’t in any way risky. To learn more about varicose vein treatment, see the center’s website at: www.chubackmedical.com.

Varicose Vein Treatment Options

Abnormal veins, such as varicose and spider veins, affect nearly half of the adult population in the United States. Spider veins are little veins near the skin’s surface that resemble reddish tree branches or spider’s legs. Larger, bulging veins that are more bluish in color are called varicose veins. Varicose veins affect both men and women, but they occur more frequently in women.

There are many choices today for effectively treating varicose veins. Advances in medical technology have led to alternative treatments to surgery that are fast, virtually pain-free, and require little to no recovery time. Endovenous laser treatment, sclerotherapy, microphlebectomy, and radio frequency ablation are all options for current treatment.

About Chuback Medical Group

Chuback Medical Group is a leading care provider specializing in vein disorders, aesthetic services, and medical weight loss. Located in Bergen County at 2 Sears Drive, Ste. 101 Paramus, New Jersey, this private clinic strives to provide patients with customized care for the body and face, using safe and effective noninvasive and minimally invasive therapies. The highly trained medical staff has extensive knowledge and expertise treating vein disorders such as varicose veins and spider veins, as well as in cosmetic medicine and healthy weight loss. Medical Director and chief vein specialist Dr. John Chuback, MD, is a leading expert in the treatment of varicose veins using minimally invasive laser technology, and a decorated provider of superior patient care for the full range of vein conditions.

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