A New Jersey Vein Expert On the Unexpected Symptoms of Vein Disease

New Jersey Vein Expert: Unexpected Effects of Vein Disease
New Jersey Vein Expert: Unexpected Effects of Vein Disease

Most people, if asked to list the symptoms of vein disease, would probably say “Varicose veins” and stop there. A few – especially those who have varicose veins and have been trying to “live with them” without seeking treatment – might add “My legs and ankles are always swollen” or “My legs hurt all the time.” Well, these ARE, in fact, symptoms of vein disease. But there are many others.

For example, how would you react if we told you that vein disease can make the skin of your legs turn so leathery, fragile, and prone to injury that your legs become covered with open, bleeding sores that will not heal? And what if we were to tell you that obesity, acid reflux disease, and even sexual dysfunction can be caused by vein disease? What if we told you that some of the symptoms of vein disease aren’t even physical, and that one of the most common symptoms of untreated varicose veins is chronic depression? Well, that’s what this article is about – ALL of these things (and more) are symptoms or side effects of vein disease.

What New Jersey residents need to know about vein disease symptoms

The most well-known symptom of vein disease is varicose veins, and when most people picture them they think of slightly bulging veins that become visible on the surface of your legs because of their bluish-purple color. What they don’t realize is that left untreated, these veins can become swollen to several times their normal size, so large your legs look like they’re covered with ugly, misshapen lengths of rope. Ignore these diseased veins even longer and you can find that the skin covering them turns brown, takes on the brittle consistency of parchment, and becomes so sensitive that the least pressure causes wounds that refuse to heal and leave your legs a bloody mess.

This happens because the original swollen veins you first noticed were just the surface symptom of a deeper vein disease called chronic venous insufficiency, or CVI. This disease causes deoxygenated blood to pool in your veins and enlarge, but at the same time it’s severely damaging your circulatory system and, more important, your immune system. Research has shown that untreated CVI puts you at a higher risk for heart attack, stroke, diabetes, and obesity. CVI can also lead to scleroderma (which causes acid reflux disease) and can contribute to impotence and sexual dysfunction. Finally, the lost self-confidence and poor self-image caused by varicose veins often causes severe depression.

If these symptoms weren’t scary enough, the most unexpected side effect of vein disease may be death

So far we’ve been talking only about one form of vein disease, caused by CVI. But the second most common vein disease is called deep vein thrombosis, or DVT, and even though it doesn’t have any visible symptoms you would notice, it can literally kill you. DVT causes blood clots to form in the deep veins of your legs – if these clots move to your lungs they can cause a pulmonary embolism and if they move to your brain they can cause a stroke. Over 300,000 Americans per year die of these unexpected side effects of vein disease.

So what is the best way to protect yourself from vein disease?

Information is your friend – the first thing you should do is find out if you have it. 90{72621b9538fb019865e5593fa2330aa749be77b84ac04933c44bc967df4cfcd3} of the people who have the life-threatening disease of DVT don’t know it, even though they could find out for sure by scheduling a venous health screening at their local vein treatment center in New Jersey. These screenings, conducted by the top vein doctors in Bergen County, take only about an hour, and are non-invasive and painless. But at the end of the screening, these trained New Jersey vein experts can not only tell you whether you have vein disease, they can tell you how to eliminate it if you do, or how to prevent it if you don’t.

Doesn’t this sound like a pretty good deal? You invest an hour in finding out what the state of your vein health really is, and the payoff is that you may be able to avoid all the negative symptoms we’ve been discussing above. Give us a call at 201-693-4847 to get the process started.

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