5 Signs You’re Ready for Hair Loss Surgery

It’s easy to panic when you first notice that your bald spot is getting larger or when you notice more hair than usual in the shower drain. But, it’s important not to rush out and book a hair loss surgery at the first sign of hair loss. Like any type of cosmetic procedure, hair restoration isn’t for everyone. Some people might not have enough hair loss just yet, while others might not be healthy enough. There are a few tell-tale signs that mean it’s time for you to book a consultation with a hair loss surgeon.


You’re Ready for Hair Loss Surgery If:


1.) You Have a Considerable Amount of Hair Loss

People who are just starting to experience hair loss are often not the best candidates for surgery. Why? Because it’s too early to say  how their hair loss will progress or how much hair they will lose. If you have surgery at the first sign of hair loss, it’s likely that you’ll need a second procedure in a few years, if your hair loss continues. But, if you wait until your hair loss has progressed or has seemed to stabilize and slow down, you’re more likely to enjoy the results from the surgery.


2.) Over-the-Counter Products are Just Not Cutting It

Minoxidil, commonly known as Rogaine, can help slow hair loss or encourage thicker hair growth. But, it’s effects are limited. If you’ve been using minoxidil for some time and it’s starting not to do as much for you, it might be time to try a more permanent treatment option, such as surgery.


3.) You’ve Read Up on the Surgery

It helps to understand the basics of hair loss surgery before your consultation with a surgeon. For example, there are two commonly performed techniques, follicular unit grafting and follicular unit extraction. Knowing the difference between the two can be helpful when it comes to deciding which is right for you. It also helps to know how long the surgery typically takes, what the recovery is like, and what, if any, changes you’ll need to make to your habits and lifestyle before or afterwards.


4.) You’re Healthy

Hair restoration surgery might be less invasive than other plastic surgery procedures, but it is still surgery. That means it’s particularly important for you to be in good health before it. The healthier you are, the lower your risk for complications during or after surgery.


5.) You’re Patient

Hair loss surgery won’t give you instant results. In fact, it takes several months before you see significant new growth. Being patient after the surgery is essential, as not only will you need to wait for the hair to grow in, you’ll also need to take a few days off to rest and recover. The best thing to do is take it easy and feel confident that within six months to  a year, you’ll have a fuller, thicker head of hair.

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