4 Hair Loss Treatment Options

Nobody wants to lose their hair. But, some amount of hair loss occurs in pretty much the entire population. Fortunately, hair loss treatment is available to either stimulate new growth or replace hair that has fallen out. Understanding the different treatments available can help you decide which option best meets your needs right now.


Hair Loss Treatment Options:

1. Minoxidil

The fact that minoxidil can help stimulate new hair growth was found out by accident. The medication was originally intended to treat hypertension, but a happy side effect of it was that it made hair grow. Often sold under the brand name Rogaine, minoxidil tends to work best in people who are in the early stages of hair loss. It’s applied to the balding areas twice a day to stimulate growth. Although the medicine can be effective, it can be slow to produce results, and it needs to be used constantly to maintain results.


2. Finasteride

While minoxidil is available without a prescription and is a topical medication, finasteride is by prescription only and is in pill form. Available to male patients only, the medicine helps prevent hair loss by preventing testosterone from turning into dihydrotestosterone, a hormone that shrinks the hair follicles and contributes to male pattern baldness. Often, results are seen a few months after a man starts taking finasteride. They do wear off about a year after a person stops taking the pill. Finasteride can have some unpleasant side effects, but those tend to be rare.


3. PRP Therapy

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy can help encourage the growth of new hair. The non-surgical treatment involves injecting plasma from a patient’s own blood into the scalp. The plasma contains growth factors that stimulate hair growth in areas that are balding.

PRP Therapy is a three step process. First, a sample of blood is taken from the patient. Next, the blood is spun in a centrifuge, to separate the plasma from the rest of it. Then, the plasma in injected into the scalp. Although the therapy can be used on its own, it is often performed with hair restoration surgery to improve results.


4. Hair Restoration Surgery

A more permanent hair loss treatment option is hair restoration surgery, also called a hair transplant. During the surgery, hair follicles from the back or sides of the scalp are harvested, then positioned in the balding areas, usually on the top of the scalp. The results from hair restoration surgery are usually permanent, but some people need a second surgery later on, if their hair loss continues.

Contemporary Hair Transplant, a division of the Chuback Medical Group in New Jersey, offers a number of hair loss treatments. Whether you are considering PRP therapy, surgery, or both, call 844-261-7020 and ask for Lisa to schedule your consultation today.

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