3 Milestones During Hair Restoration

New hair restoration techniques aren’t like the techniques that were used a decade ago. The new techniques are meant to get you back up and running quickly. The healing time and other similar factors after the procedure are minimal with two hair restoration techniques — follicular unit extraction and strip harvesting.


Day of the Hair Restoration Procedure

The day of the hair restoration procedure is the most important day of the process. On this day, the surgeon will harvest the grafts from the back of the head.  The hair follicles that are harvested will be prepared and checked by the surgeon for implantation. Once this is done, the suitable follicles will be placed into the recipient area. All of this is done comfortably under local anesthetic.

Hair Growth Begins

Approximately three months after the hair restoration procedure, you will notice new hair growth beginning to take place in the recipient area. By this time, the visible marks from the procedure are fading and you will be able to enjoy the new look; the donor area is already healed so you don’t have to worry about that area any longer.


Significant Hair Growth Noticeable

Most people who have a hair restoration procedure will begin to notice significant hair growth in the recipient area at around the six-month mark. At this point, the hair is established. That means that you are able to treat the recipient area in the same manner as you treat the rest of your hair. While the recipient area is still likely to be shorter than your natural hair especially if you have longer hair, you can rest assured that you are well on your way to hair that looks much fuller.

As you recover from a hair restoration procedure, you should make sure that you take care of the area in the manner that is instructed at the time of the procedure. You should also ensure that you eat a proper diet so that your hair growth isn’t inhibited by malnutrition.

To learn more about your hair loss treatment options and what you can do to prepare for surgery, contact Alisha at Contemporary Hair Transplant, a New Jersey hair loss surgery treatment center, to schedule a consultation today.


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